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Programmatically rewriting all site and host definitions to HTTPS in Optimizely CMS

Some sites have many host definitions, and some want's to enforce HTTPS within Optimizely CMS.

There are various way to ensure this, this is a routine I wrote to convert all site and host definitions to use HTTPS, except the wildcard host

// ISiteDefinitionRepository siteDefinitionRepository

var sites = _siteDefinitionRepository.List();

foreach (var site in sites)
    var writableSite = site.CreateWritableClone();

    if (site.SiteUrl.Scheme == "http")
        writableSite.SiteUrl = new Uri(site.SiteUrl.ToString().Replace("http", "https"));

    var hosts = writableSite.Hosts.Where(x => !x.Name.Equals(HostDefinition.WildcardHostName)); 

    foreach (var writableHost in hosts)
        writableHost.UseSecureConnection = true;


This will turn this

Into this