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Fix for broken bluetooth audio in Mac Os 10.6.5

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Apple, you broke something. Now fix it! Until then, here's how to do it yourself. Updating to 10.6.5 brings a number of advantages and one big fail for those of us using bluetooth headsets or headphones, the audio simply breaks. To fix it you need to downgrade a file (it's actually a folder) called BluetoothAudioAgent.app located in /System/Library/CoreServices/, and here is how to do it. Obtain an older version of the file BluetoothAudioAgent.app, it can be found on the installer dvd or on any of these links

Simply download and expand.

The nerdy version

  1. Obtain the file as stated above
  2. Disable bluetooth in system preferences
  3. Fire up a terminal and...
# Remove the broken version
$ sudo rm -rf /System/Library/CoreServices/BluetoothAudioAgent.app

# Copy the older version
$ sudo cp -r ~/Downloads/BluetoothAudioAgent.app /System/Library/CoreServices/

You are done, enable bluetooth again and enjoy working bluetooth audio!  

The graphical version

Navigate to the right folder

Stuff placed in the CoreServices are considered as system utilities and you have to do some special moves. This can be done booth in the Finder and with the terminal. To navigate to the folder open a finder window and press CMD + SHIFT + G and paste the path


Delete the misery file

Find the BluetoothAudioAgent and delete it, you have to turn off bluetooth in system preferences to be able to delete it. 

Bring in the reinforcements

Now copy or move the downloaded version (2.3.3) to the same folder (/System/Library/CoreServices/). If you move it you have to authenticate, which is kind of a silly step since you have to state your password anyway when copying the file. It ain't rocket science, just get the file there. 

 Thats it, you can now enjoy Bluetooth audio again!