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Optimizely CMS 12 CLI tools, getting started

Since the launch of CMS 12, the usage of CLI tools (command-line interfaces) has accelerated. This is mostly awesome since it is costly and not very platform multi-platform to build graphical user interfaces. CLI tools are also simpler to ship and install and usually more powerful.


Begin by installing the Optimizely .NET Templates

dotnet new -i EPiServer.Templates

If you already have installed the templates, ensure they are updated 

dotnet new --update-check

If there are updates available it will look like this

I'll go ahead and update all packages

dotnet new --update-apply


Install the Optimizely CLI Tool

Already have it? Check which version in that case

dotnet-episerver --version

To verify that you have the latest version check with Optimizelys nuget feed

nuget list EPiServer.Net.Cli -Source "https://nuget.optimizely.com/feed/packages.svc/"



To install the Optimizely CLI Tool

dotnet tool install EPiServer.Net.Cli --global --add-source https://nuget.optimizely.com/feed/packages.svc/

To update or reinstall the Optimizely CLI Tool

dotnet tool update EPiServer.Net.Cli --global --add-source https://nuget.optimizely.com/feed/packages.svc/


First, we need to think of the CLI tools as two products, dotnet and dotnet-episerver (this may change to dotnet-optimizely) where dotnet is the standard Microsoft dotnet command CLI and dotnet-episerver is the custom command specifically relating to Optimizely products.

Create resources using the dotnet command

Setup a new CMS or Commerce site

To list all new templates

dotnet new --list Optimizely

To list all current templates, old and new

dotnet new --list epi

To install any of these templates use the following syntax

dotnet new epi-cms-empty

Create resources using the dotnet-episerver command

The Optimizely CLI tool contains four main functions

  • create-cms-database
  • create-commerce-database
  • update-database
  • add-admin-user

Use the following syntax to create resources

dotnet-episerver <command> <parameters>

Check my other blog posts for a better understanding of the dotnet-episerver command.